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CFRP Composite Core &Sucker Rod Pultrusio Machine

Technical Parameter of Carbon fiber composite core making machine


1.Roving Racks


1.1 The body of roving racks uses the steel structure, and can fix 120 rolls.


1.2  The rolls are put on two sides, each in the shape of matrix. The external diameter of the roll is 75, and the parallel space between the two adjacent center rolls is 320mm.


1.3 The rolls is ABS, and not easy to distortion and craze after putting on roving.


1.4 The roll is equipped with fiberglass guard to prevent the fiber from falling onto the roll axis while rotation.


1.5  The dimension of roving racks: ≈3300mm (L)x 1100mm(W)x 1750mm(H)


1.6  Each bunch of fiber has fiber guarding device, and they do not interfere with each other during the unwinding process. The inside wall of roving guard hole is equipped with ceramic bushing to protect the fiberglass from scraping and breaking when touching with the hole wall.


1.7  The fiber can not be twisted during the unwinding process.


1.8  The roving racks have tension control device, adopting the vertical packet control method, to adjust the tension by changing the quality of weight balance block.


1.9  The chassis of roving racks is removable. It can be not removable during the working process, can be whole removable when off work.


2. Fiber Dehumidifier


2.1 This device uses electrical heater plate to dry and dehumidify, heating uniformity. The temperature is displayed and controlled by the temperature controller. It can be continuous adjusted when the room temperature is between 0-90℃, the temperature error is ±1, then internal temperature error of dry oven is ±1℃.


2.2  The fiberglass channel of the machine adopts stainless steel polished finish. The fiberglass can be quickly dehumidified without harming the surface and inside of the fiberglass.


2.3  Dimension: 1000mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 200mm(H)


3. Roving Driver &Splitting Plate


3.1 The roving driver is PVC and not easy to distortion when the fiberglass pass through it.


3.2 The number of roving driver’s hole is 140.


3.3 The bunch of fiberglass will not scrape or break when touching with the hole wall. 


4. Constant Temperature Resin Bath


4.1 The resin bath is drum-type resin impregnation device. (equipped with constant jacket)


4.2 Dimension: 500mm(L)x500mm(W)x150mm(H)


4.3  The resin bath is easy to disassemble and clean.


4.4 The material of the resin bath is 304 stainless steel with smooth surface. The surface roughness of the inner bath is Ra0.8.


4.5 The bath is equipped with dispensing shaft which can adjust the resin content after impregnation. It is made by chromium-plated steel shaft. The surface roughness touching with the fiberglass is Ra0.8.


4.6 The resin bath adopts water circulation heating. The room temperature is between 0-80℃, the error is ±1℃.

5. Composite Core Forming Mould


5.1 The mould is barrel type.


5.2 The service lift of the mould is 200,000 meters.


5.3 The mould is solid and reliable installed, 3D adjustable and easy to disassemble.


5.4 Barrel type mould size tolerance requirements:

Mould length: 600-800mm

Surface roughness of the internal mould cavity: <0.016mm

Straightness of the mould cavity: <0.015mm


5.5 Barrel type material requirement: qualified mould steel, hardness above HR60, highly degree of wear-resistant.


5.6 The heating of mould adopts three-section auto constant temperature control mode. Every section is separate heated, and the room temperature scale is 0-250℃, the control precision is ±2℃. The temperature increasing speed is above 5℃/min.

5.7 The temperature sensor of the mould is imported high-quality product. The measuring room temperature range should be above 250℃ and the allowable deviation value △℃: A level ±(0.15±0.002│t│).

5.8 There is performing device setting in the entrance of the composite forming mould. It can scrape extra resin in the fiberglass and make the fiber uniformly compound on the surface of the carbon fiber core.

5.9 The guide channel is equipped in the entrance of the mould, the extra glue on the fiber can flow to the resin bath bypass it.

6. Composite Core Post-curing Device

6.1 The carbon fiber composite core pultrusion line has post-curing device. After the composite core comes from the forming mould, it comes to the post-curing device directly to heat and solidify.

6.2 The heating temperature in the post-curing device is continuous adjustable and auto controlled. The control precision is ±2℃. The temperature increasing speed is above 5℃/min.  

6.3  The distance between the entrance of post-curing device and the entrance of the forming mould is 0.5-1.0m.

6.4 The device is easy to move and disassemble.   

6.5 The length of heating zone on the device is not less than 2m, the length is adjustable.

7. Composite Core Length Quantifier

7.1 The length quantifier uses digital type. It counts the length in real time and the measuring range from 1-9999m, with the error <0.3%

8. Traction Device and Control System

8.1 Adopting caterpillar type traction machine, its clamping force is air pressure clamping.

8.2 Traction force of the machine: 4 Ton

8.3  The rubber brick is PVC with the Barcol Hardness ≥85.

8.4  The pneumatic element is high-quality product.

8.5 The traction speed range is 0.1-1.0m/min and adjustable.

8.6 The clamping scope is 215mm (W)x110mm(H).

8.7 Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa; air consumption: ≤20L/min.

9. Reeling Machine

9.1 The reeling plate on the machine is up to the standard JB/T 7600.1-94. The diameter range of the side panel on the plate is 1500mm-2500mm.

9.2 The machine can continuously reel with the adjustable speed of 0.1-1.0m/min.

9.3 The reeling machine is driven by torque motor and matches up with traction machine.

9.4 The reeling machine can be controlled independently. It is equipped with alarming system and emergency stop device in the control system.

9.5 The motor and control components use imported products. We provide three kinds of products as the choice of clients.

9.6 Dimension: 800mmx1600mmx1000mm

     10 Body part of the line

     10.1 The total length of the body is 12m, including resin bath, forming mould, post-curing device and               length quantifier.

      10.2 The height of the body: traction height is adjustable. The height of carbon fiber core forming mould        and the composite forming mould central height should be equal with the traction central height.

      10.3 The circuit, wiring and control system is inside of the machine body. The outside is spray paint.

      11 Integrated Controlling and Operation Platform of the Whole Line

      11.1 All control part is integrated in the control cabinet with digital displaying.

      All the temperature data, speed data and traction force data can digital display.

      11.2 The control system has fast response speed and high precision.

      11.3 The electrics in the control cabinet is sealed to avoid the fiber coming into the cabinet and causing       short circuit. The protection standard is not less than IP54.

      11.4 Every unit of the control system should be parallel connected without mutual interference.

      11.5 The joints uses plug-pull type and easy to plug and change.

      11.6 The system is equipped with alarming system and device.

      11.7 All the components on the control system adopt imported qualified products.

      11.8 Supply electrical control system diagram, electrical system connection diagram and layout                     drawing.

      12 Specification Parameter Summary

      Central height of the machine:  1000mm

      Total power (not including heating power of mould):   ≈4.1KW

      Air pressure:     0.4-0.6MPa.

      Air consumption:   ≈20L/min

      Dimension: 12000mm (L)x 1300mm (W)x1450mm (H)

1. Roving racks

  Spindle number                  120ingot/support

Tension regulation: adjust the tension by changing the quality of weight balance block.

  Dimension: 3300mm (L)x 1100mm (W)x1750mm (H)

2. Resin bath

  Dimension: 500mmx300mmx150mm

3. Calibrating device Length of the shaping platform         900mm

   Width of the shaping platform          550 mm

   Adjustment value of shaping platform height  80mm

   Heating zone:     12 zones module controlling

   Dimension:       45000mm x 1000mm x 1480mm

4. Traction device

    Power:                1.5KW

    Traction length:         2000mm

    Traction speed         0.11.0m/min

    Traction force          ≤50KN

    Rubber brick length:    215mm

    Traction mode:         caterpillar type

5. Reeling machine

    Rolling inner diameter   φ15002500mm

    Rolling width:           250-380mm

    Rolling speed           0.1~50cm/min

    Rolling torque motor:    10N.M

    Air pressure:            0.6MPa