FRP pultrusion machinery

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BLGS-7025 Lead screw drive FRP pultrusion equipment


Technical parameter

8.4 Omron touch screen

Servo driving system from Omron, Japan

Ball screw transmission

Temperature control modules from Omron, Japan

Function of touch screen: display traction force, clamping force of each traction head, traction speed, pultrusion length and automatic cutting length of products

Max traction force


Driving power

2x7.5KW Servo motor (ball screw control)

Clamping mode

Pneumo-hydraulic cylinder

Max clamping envelope

700mm x 250mm (pneumatic clamp)

Traction speed

1-1.2m/min (adjustable)

Heating zones

8 zones,automatic temperature control 0-399±1

Traction operating mode

Auto/manual, can be switched at anytime

Mould clamping length