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BJJ-900 Resin Mixer

BJJ-900 High Speed Resin Mixer Machine

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The machine is special high efficiency equipment used to mix kinds of liquid in different viscosity and solid powdery in low speed and disperse, dissolve and mix in high speed. The materials is cut by impeller rotation in different speed to fast disperse polymer and then dissolution, emulsification and uniform mixing. The machine has the advantage of high mixing quality, fast efficiency and used in wide fields.

Equipment characteristics  

1. Due to the hydraulic pressure driving system, the dispersing axis can elevate and lower steadily, and it can swing in a circle.

2. The mixing blade of dispersing axis is made by good quality stainless steel, which is wear proof and corrosion resistant.

3. The machine runs smoothly with low noise. It can elevate and lower arbitrarily during operation.

4. It can adjust speed arbitrarily according to the viscosity of materials to prevent it splashing.


Technical parameter

Main motor: 1.5KW

Oil pump motor: 0.55KW

Mixing capacity: 50L

Diameter of dispersing plate: 150mm

Rotation speed of axis: 125-1250r/min

Elevate and lower height: 900mm

Gross weight: 300kg

Dimension: 1500x900x1560mm