FRP Sheet Making Machine

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FRP Sheet Making Machine

FRP CGW-1600 Sheet Production Line             


A. Technical parameter

1. Dimension ≈60m×4m×3.5m (length×width×height)

2. Max traction speed 5m/min (thickness≦1mm)

3.Total installed power ≈60KW

4. Product specifications  

    Thickness                  0.6mm~4mm

    Width                         1600mm (sheet)

    Corrugated height     max 130mm

    Length                         infinite

5. Product yield: 95%, type: translucent type, semi-translucent type, burning-proof type, and common type , transmittance: 8086% (sheet thickness 0.8mm)

6. Fiberglass contents         25%40%

7. Staff needed              6 person

B. Operating process of the line

     Stock preparation --- material matching --- dipping --- examining --- shaping --- traction --- winding (optional) --- edge cutting --- sheet traction --- cross cutting --- test

C. Machine principle and producing process

      The resin and fiberglassyarn or roving are put on the lower film (dipping glue slot). Across the proportional pump, the resin, accelerant and curing agent go in mixer after accurate measurement. After uniform mixing, the resin drops onto the tension lower film and then forms resin bed. The putting number of the resin can be controlled by adjustable scraper. Chopped mat is laid over the resin bed and be dipped, then the dipping process is accelerated by a heating area (optional). The upper layer lay a aging proof film, thus formed a sandwich area between fiberglass and resin bed, its thickness can be controlled.

1. Mould and curing forming furnace

     The sandwich area formed the demanded ripple across the mould, then into the curing furnace, the hot air from the heat exchanger and the heat released by the sandwich area when solidified itself make the sandwich area curing and forming.

2. Cutting system

     The cured corrugated sheet come into cutting system by traction, cut i the demand thickness by the edge saw then cut given length by the end saw.

3. Control function

     As the operating crafts, the proportional pump can be adjusted, and the raw materials can be matched automatically.

     The temperature of the dipping glue slot can be adjusted automatically or manually, thus can meet the producing need.

     The temperature of every section of the furnace can be adjusted automatically or manually. By adjusting electric heater and exhaust fan, it can meet the production requirements

      Traction speed can be adjusted according to the crafts

      Cutting speed can be adjusted to suit the producing speed.

 The line can be operated by automatic control system or manual control to ensure the regular production.

D. Environment and Safety

The line may cause little exhaust gas and waste solid and noises, so every parts of the line set up drainage devices. The dust can be absorbed by water and precipitated, waste water with very little dust can be drained out.

      Many materials which the line use are flammable, so fire in the factory workshop are forbidden. Special attention should be paid that the peroxide very unstable under sunlight, so it should be stored in cool and ventilated place. Under no circumstances should the catalyst and accelerant be directly mixed , they should be stored separately or it may cause explosion.

      There are emergency stop safety devices in the machine, so that the machine can stop at any time to ensure the operation safety.

E. Sub-system of the line

1. ingredient system

2. dipping system

3. complex thickness control system

4. products examining table system

5. forming system

6. curing system

7. dipping thermal-circulation system

8. curing thermal-circulation system

9. traction system

10.  film winding system (optional)

11.  edge-cutting system( dust&power free cutting)

12.  sheet synchronization traction system

13.  synchronization crosscutting system

14.  products taken plate

15.  line basic track system

16.  electrical and pneumatic operating system